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How to connect kz aptx bluetooth?

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Press and hold ► until the blue LED flashes. The Bluetooth module is turned on. At this time, the button is not released, and the red and blue LED lights continue to flash alternately to enter the pairing mode. Turn on the phone Bluetooth and search for [KZ earphone] to pair.

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Answer # 2 #

| Bluetooth |

? KZ Bluetooth Cable, an insanely affordable cable that can make wireless any earphone with a bi-pin connector.

KZ has just released a new waterproof Bluetooth cable and this reminded us that we had the 1st version sitting in the review queue for more than a year already.

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The remote of the KZ Bluetooth cable has 3 buttons that allows you to do the following:

Play/Pause Button:

Volume UP Button:

Volume Down Button:

Calls Commands:

LED Status Light: The KZ Bluetooth cable has a LED light right below the Volume Down button. This LED will inform the status of the module, like: Red and blue flashing (pairing mode), etc.

Charging: To charge the KZ Bluetooth cable you need to pop-out the rubber gasket covering the micro USB connector and plug the charging cable to your computer or a USB charger. A full charge takes 1.5 hour and provides 3 to 4 hours of continuous music playback.

The KZ Bluetooth Cable comes inside a small square box that resembles the packaging of many Xiaomi headphones. Inside you will get a flat rubberized charging cable.

Design of the KZ Bluetooth Cable is simple and clean, with an all-black color, rounded, rubberized cable and a small module/remote/battery.

The end of the cable, near the bi-pin connector, is a memory wire that can be molded to adapt to any ear's shape.

The module/remote/battery has a 3-button control with dedicated volume buttons which makes them easy to operate.


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KZ Bluetooth Cable weight in Ounces and KZ Bluetooth Cable weight in grams.

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The KZ Bluetooth Cable size and dimensions are:


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The KZ Bluetooth Cable have a bi-pin connector that is offered either with an angled connector or a straight connector, if you are buying it to match it with a KZ headphone you should buy the correct type of connector for a better fit.

To aid you in the research if your headphone has an angled or straight connectors, we are listing some of them according to it's connector:

Angled Connector:

Straight Connector:

As you can see from the photos below the angled connector will fit on KZ straight connector headphones but will not fit perfectly, so it is recommended to get the KZ Bluetooth cable with the straight connector for the headphones listed above.

This 1st version of the KZ Bluetooth cable is available with a straight connector or an angled connector but the latest waterproof KZ Bluetooth cable can also be purchased with an MMCX connector, allowing you to use it with headphones such as:


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The KZ Bluetooth Cable might not be the thickest you can find but does not feel extremely fragile. The finish is rubberized.

The connectors, cable bifurcation and stereo plug are all made of metal with a nice industrial feel. Moreover each connector/plug has a reinforced rubberized end to extend their lifespan.


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The KZ Bluetooth Cable microphonics are substantially low. The short 70 cm length of it also reduce the risks of friction and consequential microphonics.


Differently to normal cables, a Bluetooth cable processes the audio signal from the Bluetooth transmission to the earpieces (actually, the responsible is the chip inside the module). Therefore, some cables may apply some sound modification and some not.

The KZ Bluetooth cable (version 1) conserves the same response up to 4.5 kHz and boosts highs, in their upper range from 4.6kHz onward with an average of 3dB in areas near 4.6kHz and increasing up to almost 5dB extra near the ranges of 10kHz to 13kHz - the exact amount of dB boosting will be limited accordingly to which headphone they are connected to.

This highs empowering can make the KZ Bluetooth cable (version 1) a phenomenal companion for earphones with rolled-off highs or for listeners that would like to get a highs boost on their favorite headphones.

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Frequency Response (raw)

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