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How to gst bill amendment?

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Answer # 1 #
  • Taxpayer shall provide financial year and invoice number and click on Amend Record to search the invoice.
  • Original note values shall be auto-filled based on the details uploaded earlier.
  • Taxpayer can make necessary amendments by providing revised details and then click on 'SAVE' button.
Bhagwan Shrikhanda
Answer # 2 #

Speaking of amendments to GSTR 1 invoices, you can amend each invoice and the details at the summary level can also be amended.

Since both these amendment types have their individual shortcomings, you must make sure you follow them carefully to avoid errors while filing GSTR 1.

By the end of this post, we will have touched the following points:

The period of filing and making the amendment should be the same. For understanding, if you make an amendment in August then the period of filing the return will either be August or September. It will be August in case of monthly return filing and it will be September in case of quarterly filing.

Here is the list of the type of amendments under the invoice level amendments:

This includes the following:

Let’s get a better look at the details that cannot be amended at the invoice level:

The following are the factors that cannot be amended at the summary level:

A revision can also be made in the later taxation period as long as the amended invoice date is the last taxation period for the original invoice. For a better understanding, we can assume that it cannot be possible to amend an original invoice dated 12/07/2021 in August if the amended invoice date is 31/07/2021.

The summary level amendments include details of taxes based on the Place of Supply (POS) and tax rate. It is therefore only necessary to amend these details at the summary level.

In the event of an amendment to one detail, all linked details are also automatically updated.

An original point of sale is the basis of the amendments. It can be amended and replaced with another point of sale if certain conditions are met.

Example: Assume you have indicated 5% and 12% tax rates under a Place of Supply Maharashtra. If you need to make any changes to only 5% tax values, you will have to enter the amended values for 5% tax values again with only the original 12% tax values.

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Here’s a recap of the important observations from the post:

Eunice Daud