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when to take meva c?

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Q: What is the use of MEVA C CAPSULE?

A: MEVA C CAPSULE is used in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive problems caused due to excessive stress such as peptic ulcer, Crohn’s disease and Colitis. It helps in relieving painful stomach cramps, bloating, indigestion and other symptoms of IBS and also reduces the excessive tension and anxiety associated with IBS.

Q: How MEVA C CAPSULE works in my body?

A: MEVA C CAPSULE suppresses the abnormal electrical activity within the brain and induces calmness. It also relaxes the smooth muscles present in the stomach and in the intestines which reduces stomach cramps.

Q: Can MEVA C CAPSULE be used in children?

A: MEVA C CAPSULE is not recommended for use in children and adolescents (aged below 18 years). Therefore, consult your doctor before taking it.

Q: Can MEVA C CAPSULE be used during pregnancy?

A: MEVA C CAPSULE may affect the unborn baby. Therefore, it should be used in pregnant women only if it is considered necessary by the physician.

Q: Will the use of MEVA C CAPSULE cause sleepiness?

A: Yes, MEVA C CAPSULE can make your feel sleepy, drowsy, or tired. Therefore, do not drive or handle heavy machines or tool if you feel drowsy or sleepy. Avoid consumption of alcohol as it can aggravate your drowsiness.

Q: Can I consume alcohol while taking MEVA C CAPSULE?

A: Avoid consumption of alcohol while taking MEVA C CAPSULE, as it could aggravate your existing condition.

Q: What to do if I forget to take a dose of MEVA C CAPSULE?

A: If you forget to take a dose of MEVA C CAPSULE, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is time to take the next dose, skip the missed dose and take the next one at regular times. Do not take a double dose of MEVA C CAPSULE to compensate a missed dose, as it could lead to toxicity.

Q: Will taking a higher dose of MEVA C CAPSULE than the prescribed one be beneficial?

A: No, taking a higher dose of MEVA C CAPSULE will not be effective rather it can lead to toxicity. Always take the dose prescribed by your doctor. If the prescribed dose is not effective for you, consult your doctor for advice. Your doctor might increase the dose or suggest an alternative therapy.

Q: Can I stop taking MEVA C CAPSULE once my symptoms subside?

A: No. Do not stop taking MEVA C CAPSULE without consulting your doctor even if you feel better during the mid-way of the therapy. Sudden discontinuation of therapy may cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, tension, restlessness, confusion, mood changes, difficulty in sleeping, irritability, dizziness, tingling sensation, tiredness or weakness, nausea, vomiting and tremors.

Q: Can MEVA C CAPSULE be taken daily?

A: Yes. MEVA C CAPSULE can be taken daily as per your doctor’s instruction. However, if you are doubtful, consult your doctor.

Q: How to take MEVA C CAPSULE?

A: Take MEVA C CAPSULE as advised by your physician. Swallow the medicine with a glass of water. Do not crush or chew the medicine. It is preferably taken before or along with meals.

Q: What are the common side effects of taking MEVA C CAPSULE?

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Answer # 2 #

Meva-C Capsule is used to deal with irritable bowel syndrome (signs consist of stomach ache, cramping, bloating, and diarrhoea or constipation). It prevents the surprising spasm of muscle tissues to alleviate belly ache and cramps. It additionally promotes smooth passage of fueloline to lessen belly discomfort..

Meva-C Capsule is taken without meals in a dose and period as suggested through the physician. The dose you're given will rely upon your circumstance and the way you reply to the remedy. You ought to maintain taking this remedy for as long as your physician recommends. If you forestall remedy too early your signs can also additionally come lower back and your circumstance can also additionally get worse. Let your healthcare crew recognize approximately all different medicinal drugs you're taking as a few can also additionally affect, or be laid low with this remedy..

The maximum not unusual place aspect consequences are fatigue, confusion, uncoordinated frame movements, pores and skin rash, and slurred speech. Most of those are brief and normally solved with time. Contact your physician right away in case you are in any respect worried about any of those aspects. It may cause dizziness and sleepiness, so now no longer feel pressured or do something that calls for intellectual recognition till you know the way this remedy influences you. Avoid consuming alcohol whilst taking this remedy as it could get worse your sleepiness..

Lifestyle changes like having a fibre-wealthy diet, heading off ingredients that cause your signs, growing fluid consumption and normal workout will let you get higher results. Before taking it, you ought to inform your physician when you have any kidney or liver diseases. You ought to additionally inform your physician in case you are pregnant, making plans being pregnant or breastfeeding..

Irritable bowel syndrome.

In Irritable bowel syndrome Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic (long-term) inflammatory ailment of the huge intestine (colon) that normally wishes long time control. This can result in bleeding, common diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, cramps and belly ache. Meva-C Capsule relaxes the muscle tissues for your belly and gut (intestine) and relieves those signs effectively. Usually, it's far used alongside different drugs for control of your circumstance..

Continue taking it for so long as the physician can also additionally endorse you to. You want to take this remedy frequently to get the maximum out of it. Take a fibre-wealthy diet, keep away from oily or highly spiced foods and drinks lots of fluids whilst taking it to ensure you live hydrated..

Most aspect consequences now no longer require any scientific interest and disappear as your frame adjusts to the remedy. Consult your physician in the event that they persist or in case you’re concerned approximately them.

Q1. Can Meva-C Capsule reason withdrawal signs? Yes, Meva-C Capsule can also additionally reason with withdrawal signs. Do now no longer forestall taking Meva-C Capsule all of a sudden. Stopping Meva-C Capsule unexpectedly can cause seizures, shaking, belly and muscle cramps, vomiting and sweating. Consult together along with your physician earlier than preventing Meva-C Capsule..

Q2. Can I drink alcohol whilst taking Meva-C Capsule? No, keep away from consuming alcohol whilst you're taking the Meva-C Capsule. Drinking alcohol can growth the hazard of aspect consequences like drowsiness or sleepiness..

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Answer # 3 #

Take Meva C Capsule 15's on an empty stomach preferably 20 minutes before a meal or as advised by the doctor.

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