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how to elope nyc?

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Adorned with world-class wedding venues, picturesque scenic views, contemporary streets, cultural pinnacles, and breathtaking skyscrapers – New York has surely been winning the hearts of couples forever. This city offers a plethora of amazing options for you and your partner to elope. Be it a destination wedding or a local one – tying the knot in NYC will set your heart on fire. We bet that the liveliness of The Big Apple will provide a memorable and momentous spot for your elopement!

The charm, character, and vibrancy associated with NYC are unparalleled. The city that never sleeps offers the perfect environment for you and your partner to elope. All the sparkling lights, iconic skyscrapers, and exquisite skyline – everything looks spectacular. New York offers so many extraordinary places where you can turn your elopement dream into reality. There is SO much to explore in the city. Mark our words; you will be quite thrilled by all of the fascinating places New York City has to offer.

Maybe it’s vibrant vibes, concrete jungles, or urban parks but we love that New York City is calling your name! Whether you have been dreaming of a small intimate elopement or are planning for an epic destination wedding with just your closest friends and family members; we have got you covered! We are just as excited about your iconic day as you are and therefore have curated this blog post to help you plan your special day without any hassle.

Here are some PRO TIPS for you to consider if you wish to have an incredible NYC elopement:

For more valuable tips and information, let us dive into the entire wedding guide NYC! Have a look:

If the thought of eloping in New York thrills you and gives you butterflies, definitely go for it! We are certain it will be the most momentous occasion of your entire life. Here’s how you can elope in NYC:

First thing first, start planning your big day timely. Think about what kind of wedding theme you would like to have, where you wish to get married and how you want to host your iconic day. You and your partner will have to check in with the date and availability of your chosen venue. Whether you are opting for an intimate wedding or wish to tie the knot just the two of you, we always suggest our couples start planning in advance. Planning ahead ensures that you have a stress-free day. Your elopement is going to be one of the most special and adventurous experiences of your life, so make sure that you personalize it according to your desired theme and aesthetics.

Getting married in NYC is as easy as pie. Anyone can get married in New York! All you need to do is pay a visit to the NY city clerk aka marriage bureau, fill out a simple application form, secure your marriage license, find an officiant and bring that license to your ceremony so you and your soon-to-be-spouse can be declared married by the officiant. That’s it! You are done.

Spring and early summer serve to be spectacular seasons for getting married in New York. These beautiful romantic seasons begin in mid-March and last till the start of August. They are referred to as “peak wedding seasons” and create the perfect backdrop for your New York elopement. The temperatures are fairly pleasant, radiant flowers are blooming everywhere, and the grass is thriving in its full glory – ahh, the sight looks magical! On top of that, golden sunlight, bright blossoms, and beautiful colors create the gorgeous mise-en-scène for your elopement pictures! What we love the most about these seasons is the fact that they allow couples to have the wedding of their dreams. You can choose any theme that you want. You can also tie the knot in a garden, an indoor venue, an urban spot, a rooftop, or even in a park. It’s totally up to you! There are tons of activities jam-packed with fun and liveliness. Eloping in New York during these seasons is awesome!

The second most admirable season for NYC elopement is the fall. It usually ranges from October to mid-November. The crowds are fairly calmer during this time just before the holidays and so you can have a full blast on your wedding day. Pleasant climate, gorgeous crisp foliage, and seasonal-inspired décor – this celebratory season has so much to offer for your NYC elopement.

Have in mind that the winters can get really cold and the summers really hot! This is due to the fact that NYC is basically a concrete jungle, so the seasonal temperatures can get more dramatic. That being said, it is always better to plan ahead and take these things into consideration! When it is super cold, bring a stylish cover-up to elevate your styling. As for hot summer elopements – make sure your attire is made from breathe-able materials and pick sunrise or sunset to tie the knot.

Given the ton of stunning options that it offers – eloping in New York is spectacular. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a venue in NYC for your big day. From intimate botanical gardens and lush green parks to Gothic arches of the most amazing Brooklyn Bridge in America and breathtaking scenic views of the city – New York has got it all! From Manhattan to Brooklyn, there are so many amazing locations where you can elope and have iconic wedding portraits captured. Be it a destination wedding or a small intimate ceremony, you can find awe-inspiring locations to tie the knot. The city that never sleeps offers a plethora of astonishing major public venues, intimate locales, hotels, suites, and private venues to suit your needs and wedding aesthetics. Some of our top favorite and highly recommended venues are:

Nestled in the heart of The Central Park, Bow Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in NYC for wedding proposals, elopements, and romantic dates. Its unique design and magnificent setting offer panoramic views of the Bethesda Terrace.

The reddish-orange trees and brownish leaves during the autumn season create a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding pictures. The scene looks nothing less than a dream. This charming venue offers the perfect setting for intimate wedding festivities along with featuring the scenic beauty of The Lake and San Remo.

This dreamy bridge has been regarded as one of the most photographed landmarks – both in real life and reel life. The gothic and neo-classical design of this venue will leave you in awe. The arches, rowboats, and beautiful views of The Cherry Hill will provide you with a myriad of options to have fun and enjoy your big day to the fullest. You can also book a walking tour or Horse Carriage Ride across Central Park to explore the city and celebrate your elopement.

The best part about eloping on Bow Bridge?

There are tons of breathtaking photography spots! You heard that right. The beautiful colors, stunning foliage, Arches, panoramic views of the Lake, and clear blue turquoise water – all of these elements contribute to capturing spectacular elopement portraits.

Another amazing venue in our New York elopement guide is Wagner Cove. This secluded spot boasts serene views of the lake and Cherry Hill. There is a historical wooden gazebo located at the center of this idyllic wedding venue. It is one of the most intimate and private landmarks for couples to elope. The level of intimacy, charm, and romance that this location offers is unmatched. Since it is quite famous for hosting small intimate weddings, you can easily find an officiant and witness. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are dreaming about a private getaway to tie the knot, Wagner Cover is the perfect option for you.

If you are opting for a micro-wedding, then consider hosting the ceremony at the wooden cove and the reception at the renowned restaurant on the Upper West Side. We bet your guests will be thrilled by the stunning location.

Wagner Cove offers a variety of breathtaking views. Be it the botanical English Garden adorned with colorful blossoms or the panoramic Lake views, iconic skyscrapers featuring the city’s skyline, or the historical Wooden gazebo – there is so much worth exploring! It’s a private spot and we highly recommend it to those couples who wish to have a special and meaningful ceremony.

Constructed in 1859, Bethesda Terrace is a historical landmark consisting of a large plaza. It is also composed of an incredible foundation featuring an Angel of the Waters statue and an Arcade. Over the years, this remarkable locale has gained immense popularity among lovely couples to tie the knot.

If you are eloping in New York and wish to opt for a place overlooking the southern shore of the lake and offering panoramic views of Central Park, Bethesda Terrace is the ultimate option for you. The high tiled ceilings and classic architectural setup make it the perfect place for tying the knot. You can host your ceremony by the fountain featuring scenic views of Bow Bridge and Central Park. We always encourage our couple to get married in Bethesda Terrae during the weekdays. Since it is a well-known famous tourist spot, it is usually crowded on weekends. For more privacy, sunrise elopements are the best fit!

The carved sandstones, water foundation, famous arcade, mosaic-tiled ceiling, wide spectacular terrace, and painted murals – there are so many spots where you can have your amazing romantic portraiture. The acoustic sounds and jazz music playing over there make this place even more swoon-worthy for elopements and micro-weddings.

If you are in love with Brooklyn vibes or the natural scenic beauty of Central Park, eloping in Prospect Park seems to be the ideal fit for you. The park is located adjacent to the famous Brooklyn Museum overlooking the panoramic views of the Brooklyn garden. There are two iconic historical settings where you can host your elopement; The Picnic House and the Boathouse. Get ready to amaze your guests with the turquoise Lull water and striking beauty of the 90-acre Long Meadow. It also boasts the famous wooden bridge aka Binnen bridge where you can exchange your vows whilst surrounded by the panoramic views of The Lake. There is also an idyllic ceremony backdrop nearby known as Binnen Waterfall. All of these incredible locations can easily be visited in Prospect Park. It’s a one-in-all kind of wedding venue for adventure-loving art-inspired couples who wish to create a unique wedding experience.

Hands down the most tranquil, intimate, and lovely spot for an NYC elopement!

The Treehouse for Dreaming (or Dene Summerhouse) wedding is an amazing amalgam of modern and boho-chic aesthetics. The beauty and tranquility of this stunning location will leave you in awe. From the panoramic views of the Raging River to the green canopy of leaves serving as background for your wedding pictures – everything about this wedding venue is oh-so-amazing!

Composed of magnificent trees, giant staircases, and wooden benches, this pace is bound to steal your heart. Make your big day even more special and meaningful by exchanging the vows in this unique venue. The scenic scenes incorporate the splendid beauty of NYC.

Imagine saying “I do” in an intimate secluded spot, standing under the beautiful canopy of green leaves, and surrounded by the alluring beauty of Central Park. How does that sound? You can have the BEST time of your life by eloping in Cop Cot! There is something so magically enchanting about the rustic roofs and botanical theme. Perfect place for nature-loving laidback couples! You can also take a stroll around the Park and explore the city. The Cop Cot is also known as “New York’s backyard” and can host up to 60 guests at a time. The best season to tie the knot in Cop Cot is spring when the black locust trees are blooming fully. The scene looks dreamy! The spot is so aesthetically pleasing and the canopy provides shelter from rain and other elements. We bet you and your guests will be impressed by this outdoor wedding venue.

If you want unforgettable wedding photos and a uniquely intimate experience while eloping to New York, look no further than getting married in the Archer Hotel Spyglass Rooftop Bar. The venue is a perfect embodiment of how to make your big day more special and memorable. Featuring panoramic views of the Empire State Building, luxe guest rooms, world-class cuisines, and rooftop venues – the Archer Hotel Spyglass is surely one of the most iconic venues for having an NYC elopement. The luxurious setting of this rooftop venue will enable you to mold your big day exactly how you have envisioned it. The outdoor terrace offers splendid views of the Empire State Building so you can create memorable memories of your elopement.

If you and your partner have an affinity for literature and classical setup, love versatile and grand libraries, or are looking forward to creating a unique wedding experience instead of a traditional one- exchanging vows in New York Public Library is perfect for you! Rated as one of the “most beautiful libraries” in the world, the New York Public Library will leave you in awe. What’s more romantic than saying “I do” while surrounded by the majestic and grand interior setup with the sunlight illuminating the glass ceilings and rooms? It’s the perfect place to host an intimate and romantic elopement. The library is steeped in history and full of character. There is a grand staircase where you can have an amazing wedding photoshoot done. The decorative glass ceilings and spectacular arches make it the perfect place for hosting a luxurious affair. The intimate festivities are usually celebrated at the banquet hall whereas the grand and luxe weddings are often conducted at the Astor Hall. Some other remarkable spots include; Celeste Bartos Forum and The McGraw Rotunda. All of these places offer impeccable arches, dark marble floors, stunning architecture, high ceilings, and massive staircases to add the quintessential NYC touch to your wedding day.

If you wish to plan an iconic elopement in New York at one of the most archetypal spots, there is no better choice than tying the knot at the Grand Central Station. It is one of the world’s most famous landmarks in Manhattan that features incredibly arched walkways, high ceilings, magnificent glass windows, and Strauss-crystal chandeliers. The MOST amazing thing about Grand Central Station is the Tiffany Glass Clock. The place is enriched with history, romance, and timeless artifacts. Daily hundreds of couples elope in Grand Central Station. The privacy and intimacy associated with this location are phenomenal. The historic and old-world charm of the Grand Central Station makes it an ideal place to elope in NY at any time of the year!

Also, by opting for this beautiful location, get ready to be swept away by the spectacular views of the Empire State Building, Times Square, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Ladies Pavilion is truly one of the most iconic and magical wedding spots in NYC. If you are eloping in New York and are determined to witness the City’s skyline in its full glory, exchanging vows in Ladies Pavilion is the best option for you. Why? Because it is located across the lake on the west side of the park. The breathtaking views of the lake will curate the gorgeous background for you to click your post-ceremony pictures. There is a gazebo that is beautiful enough to make your big day even more memorable and special. The Ladies Pavilion is perfect for hosting intimate elopements and micro-weddings. Since it is a famous place and couples from all around the world come here to get married, we recommend that you plan ahead and get a permit if you are thinking about tying the knot in this spectacular wedding post. The place is surrounded by botanical trees that look ethereal all around the year. Whether you are opting for a fall-inspired celebration or spring/summer-themed fête, the beauty of this small wedding venue in NYC will amaze you.

There is only one word that can describe the North Woods: timeless elegance.

Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, the North Woods is a boreal forest nestled in the heart of New York. The splendid views of the surrounding Alpine forests are a treat for adventurous souls. You can hike, ride or bike! The place is filled with lots of fun-filled adventurous activities. The northernmost part of the Park is a literal example of heaven on Earth. Best views, hidden coves, and adventurous activities – the North Woods in Central Park have it all.

If you love colorful vibes, entertainment spots, and magical backdrops – hosting your NYC elopement in Coney Island will prove to be a stellar choice for you. The brilliant colors, incredible entertainment spots, glitz, and glamor of Manhattan will enable you to create a wonderfully unique wedding experience.

You can also check the availability of the wedding venue according to your needs and aesthetics by heading over to our website and adding your details (date, month, the total number of guests attending the wedding, etc.) in the venue finder. We are just as excited as you are about your big day and wish to make the process of eloping in New York super easy and simple for you!

Couples eloping in New York often find themselves in the bewilderment of whether or not they can get married in parks. To your surprise, you CAN get married in outdoor parks without any hassle in New York. Yes, you heard that right! The lovely setting of the park radiate freshness and liveliness. Parks in New York offer a plethora of amazing spots where you can tie the knot with the love of your life. You can add subtle decorative items to add a glamorous touch to your special day. Generally, all of these locations are beautiful by the lush green botanical gardens. The spectacular views of the Lakes, skyscrapers, and natural landscapes will create a beautiful backdrop for your pictures.

The best part about getting married in a park is that you can personalize the whole wedding experience according to your desires. Do you wish to have a picnic after exchanging your vows? Check! Do you want to stroll across the park and admire the beauty of nature? Got it! Do you love to experience the rowboats in your wedding dress? No problem! Wish to have a unique and adventurous wedding experience? We have got you covered!

Given below is a list of our favorite parks for eloping in New York. Have a look:

If you haven’t visited Central Park at least once in your life, you are missing out on some amazing things. The idyllic spots, diverse flora and fauna, beautiful wedding venues, and pleasant weather – everything looks like a dream. There are so many one-of-a-kind hidden spots located all around the park.

This piece of heaven on Earth is the perfect place for tying the knot. Surrounded by lush green gardens, fairy meadows, beautiful turquoise lakes, breathtaking bridges, and spectacular views of the nearby historical sites – The Central Park will take your breath away at first glance. Nestled in the heart of New York, this urban park is an embodiment of glorious landscape architecture.

To get married in Central Park, all you need is a marriage license, officiant, a witness, and a photographer and voila, you are done! The best part? There are no charges if you are planning to elope in this urban park!

There are so many stunning spots where you can host your ceremony. Ranging from the iconic views of the Bethesda Fountain to incredible bridges and beautiful azure lakes – there is something so enchanting about tying the knot in one of the most famous and renowned parks in the world.

If you are a nature-loving couple driven by adventurous experiences, eloping in New York on Central Park Grounds will prove to be an exclusive choice for you.

Central Park also offers a plethora of breathtaking wedding venues where you can bring your dream aesthetics t reality. All of these venues are located in splendid areas and offer panoramic views of the city’s skylines.

And one of the most important things of all, there are thousands of spectacular spots available where you can capture your wedding portraits.

Fort Tryon is a famous 67-acre public park located on the outskirts of Manhattan. It boasts breathtaking views of the Lower Hudson Valley and urban cityscapes of Manhattan. Fort Tyron Park is the perfect place to elope for couples who wish to have an intimate, secluded, and private event. There are so many pleasant restaurants nearby where you can host your ceremony. The splendid views of the lakes and gorgeous landscapes create the perfect background for your post-ceremony pictures. this place is also quite famous among NY wedding and engagement photographers because of its impressive beauty and exquisite gardens. The park exudes immense delicacy and charm throughout the year.

For getting married in Fort Tryon Park, you need a permit. It is easily accessible and costs around 20$ to 30$. The beautiful sky, natural color palette, and turquoise blue water in the nearby lakes and waterfall will enable you to create a unique wedding experience. The natural beauty executed by this amazing location is remarkable.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the world’s most renowned parks located along the East coast River in New York City.

This waterfall front park has been winning the hearts of couples for several years now. There are three different locations where you can hold your ceremony and ALL OF THEM are equally spectacular and exceptional. These are; The Pier 1 Granite Prospect, Empire Fulton Ferry Boardwalk, and Main Street Pebble Beach.

The Granite Prospect offers glorious views of the City’s skylines and world-famous New York Harbor. There are tons of well-manicured gardens and lush green lawns in this parkland area. The scenic beauty of the Brooklyn Bridge will astound you. The serenity and tranquility in this area will enable you to exchange your vows peacefully.

The Empire Fulton Ferry is situated between Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Lastly, you can also host your wedding ceremony on the chic Pebble Beach surrounded by the beautiful scenery and lovely photo ops.

If you are wondering where to stay for your NYC elopement to have the most lavish and memorable experience of your life, we have got you covered!

New York is an awe-inspiring city full of romance, character, and charm. There are so many beautiful places and areas where you can stay during your elopement, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, etc. Imagine exploring the city with the love of your life, going on romantic date nights, booking hot massage sessions, and witnessing the breathing skyline of the incredible city while munching on the delicious cuisine. Sounds amazing, right?

New York offers a bunch of amazing hotels, Airbnbs, and suites where you can stay for your wedding night. We have rounded up some of the best recommendations for you:

Hands down the best luxury hotel in New York City!

Stationed under the Brooklyn Bridge, this hotel offers the most spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge. The waterfront setting is exceptional. There are so many amazing fun activities that you can do with your sweetheart over here. From arranging a picnic in green gardens to taking Dumbo Ferry and strolling through York Street Subway – best believe that you are going to have THE time of your life.

Is there anything more romantic than booking a lavish hotel and enjoying a relaxing date night with the love of your life?

This luxurious hotel features delicious foods, white-glove service, and glorious views of the city’s skylines. On top of that, it faces Central Park where you can take a walk easily and explore the city. High-end shopping malls lie in the hotel’s close vicinity. Highly recommended if you are looking for a comfortable and excellent experience.

If you are a big fan of spas, luxury suites, and artistic elements – there is no better place than the Greenwich hotel. It offers incredible romantic and private space to couples.

This is one of the best Airbnbs that offer immense romance and enchantment to couples. Filled with a luxurious setting area, lantern room, and staircases.

There are so many ways through which you can explore the city. Since it is the cultural hub, it offers excellent public transportation facilities so you can stroll around the city, visit world-famous locations, and get inspired by the glory and charm of NYC.

You can walk around the neighborhoods or book an Uber to reach your destination. In addition to this taxis, yellow cabs, and subways are also available. You can also rent a private car and explore the city.

You will be spoiled by choice in this city that never sleeps. There are tons of amazing options available for you to explore and discover. Whether you hire a tourist guide or explore the city yourself, we bet that you will have THE BEST time of your life. The fashion hub of the world has something to offer for everyone. Be it visiting cinemas, walking through rolling hillsides of the Central Park, or exploring Grand Central Terminal.

The GOLDEN TIP that will ensure a successful NYC elopement is to hire a professional vendor. We cannot emphasize this enough!

Vendors are experienced in what they do and they know how to execute your dream elopement aesthetics. For eloping in New York City, it is important that you plan ahead and allocate your budget. Wedding planners know trends and with years of experience, they know how to conduct an amazing day. Hiring a professional photographer, videographer, florist, and DJ can transform your day into the best day of your life. You can also hire professional décor vendors. Tell them your dream theme and ask them to personalize accessories and decorative elements to make the whole experience even more meaningful and memorable.

For intimate weddings and elopements, it is better that you consult the marriage bureau to secure your license. You can also hire a professional officiant from there.

Visit our website to find the best vendors to help you plan out an epic NYC elopement.

New York has something to offer everybody. Whether you are looking for an intimate wedding experience or “just the two of you” elopement, you can turn your dream into reality by eloping in New York. Hope the above New York wedding guide proves to be helpful for you. We aim at helping our couples to plan their big day without any stress so they can enjoy their unforgettable milestone to the fullest. We would be so happy to help you plan your NYC elopement. Get in touch with us today and choose the package that suits you the best. As said before; there is something for everybody! If you want your iconic day to be the best and most memorable moment of your entire life, our NY elopement packages will be the right fit for you.

Nila D.K.
Answer # 2 #

All you need to do is pay a visit to the NY city clerk aka marriage bureau, fill out a simple application form, secure your marriage license, find an officiant and bring that license to your ceremony so you and your soon-to-be-spouse can be declared married by the officiant. That's it! You are done.

Sonal Dey
Answer # 3 #

If you want to elope in New York, but you’re not sure how, this step-by-step guide should help!

We are The Pinckards (Dan and Laura), and we photograph and help plan elopements for couples in New York. From our experience, we can say confidently that it is very easy to elope in New York State. And it’s actually getting more popular to elope, especially as it has become more challenging to have large, formal celebrations.

Are you still trying to decide whether you should elope or not? Check out our blog post about 7 reasons to consider eloping. We have heard from countless couples who wish that they eloped, because traditional weddings can be extremely stressful (and expensive). We strongly recommend that you consider eloping!

If you’re ready to get started, keep reading to learn how to elope in New York!

Elopements are not what they used to be. The term “elope” used to mean something along the lines of “running away and getting married in secret.” Today, elopements don’t usually fit into that definition.

Now, “eloping” usually refers to having a very small wedding (often with no guests, but not always) that doesn’t fit into the traditional wedding mold.

YOU get to decide what your elopement will look like, and that is the first step in planning your New York elopement.

Here are a few common categories of elopements to choose from (but your elopement can be as creative as you’d like):

Your next step in planning your New York elopement is to decide on the when and where.

The date and location will depend significantly on the type of elopement that you and your soon-to-be spouse choose. For example, if you want an adventurous elopement in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, you can choose an easy place like Marcy Field or Whiteface Mountain, or a hike like one of these.

If, on the other hand, you want a courthouse elopement, you will have to contact the town or county where you want to get married to inquire about locations and availability.

Regardless of the type of elopement, though, you should begin planning your NY elopement as early as possible. That way, you can avoid scheduling conflicts with everyone involved (your officiant, witnesses, photographer, etc.).

After choosing your type of elopement and deciding when and where, you need to get a marriage license. In New York, you can get your marriage license anywhere in the state, as long as your elopement is taking place within the state.

To apply for a marriage license, you need to visit a town or city clerk in New York. According to New York State, “A couple who intends to be married in New York State must apply in person for a marriage license.” You cannot send a representative, a notarized letter, or any other replacement for appearing in person.

When you’re ready to set up an appointment, call your specific city or town clerk’s office to inquire about their hours and availability. Be prepared to bring the necessary documents to prove your identity and age. Different cities and towns in NYS may have varying requirements, so be sure to ask the clerk what documents you need to bring while on the phone.

A couple important things to note regarding your New York marriage license:

There are also some restrictions on who can purchase a marriage license in New York. Some examples include:

Much of this information is generic for New York State, so don’t forget to call your city or town clerk’s office to verify everything. Here are some specific questions to ask:

Once you have a date and location picked out for your NY elopement, you also need to find an officiant and a witness.

The officiant that you work with will depend on the type of ceremony that you choose. There are a number of different people who are authorized to solemnize elopement ceremonies. For example, some New York government officials can solemnize marriages – governors, mayors, judges, and other appointed officials.

In addition to those government officials, members of the clergy or ministers who are officially ordained by a church are also authorized to perform elopement ceremonies in New York.

Dan is actually ordained specifically for elopements, and we offer his officiating services as part of our elopement photography package. If you want to have an adventurous elopement on the mountaintop, it can be very hard to find an officiant willing to hike with you. Working with us makes it very easy, because we can photograph your elopement, officiate, and sign as the witness.

If you are having any friends or family at your elopement, you could also ask one of them to officiate and another to sign as the witness. All they would need to do to become a qualified officiant in New York is fill out a form online to become an ordained minister. Be sure to check with your city or town clerk to find out if the officiant will need to provide any paperwork, though.

This step isn’t technically 100% necessary, but what do you expect when you’re reading an article written by elopement photographers?

Getting married is an important life event, whether it’s in front of 200 people or just with an officiant and witness. Your kids will be excited to see photos of your wedding one day, so it’s important to have these exciting memories captured by a professional photographer.

There are countless photographers across New York who capture elopements, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some general guidelines that should help you choose the right photographer for your elopement:

If you want to talk to us about photographing your NY elopement, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Now it’s time to plan your elopement, but how you do that depends on the type of elopement that you choose and the specific details that are important to you.

Your elopement can be as simple or extravagant as you want. Some people elope on top of a mountain with a simple ceremony, while other people plan a miniature wedding with meals, dances, cake-cutting, etc.

Either way, make sure you don’t forget WHY you chose to elope in the first place. If your primary reason was finances, make sure to stick with your budget (avoid impulsive spending)! If your goal is to avoid stress, do not let the planning overwhelm you – stay focused on what really matters!

For some ideas or inspiration, check out our article, 11 Ways to Elope in Style (How to plan an elopement without skipping the details).

It’s officially time! You’ve got a photographer, officiant and witness; you’ve got a date and location; you’re done planning your elopement.

Now, it’s time to get married!

New York doesn’t have any specific requirements for what an elopement ceremony has to look like. You can just say some quick, simple vows or have an intricate ceremony. NYS’s only requirement is that you have an officiant and witness willing to sign your marriage license, indicating that they were present for the solemnization of your marriage.

Talk with your officiant about how you want your elopement to look! It’s your day, and it can take whatever form you want.

When Dan officiates elopements, he typically follows a traditional wedding ceremony format. He incorporates sentimental elements, (i.e. quotes or passages that are meaningful to the couple) and the exchanging of rings, initiates the couples’ vows, and ends the ceremony with the traditional “you may now kiss the bride!”

After your marriage ceremony, you need to send in your completed NY marriage license to the city or town clerk where you purchased it.

Some officiants will do this for you, but just double check beforehand. It is very easy to send it in but also very important. If you do not mail in your marriage license, New York has no way of knowing that your elopement took place, and your marriage will not be legally recognized.

Make sure every field is filled out entirely, and then mail it in to the address listed. Within a couple weeks, you will receive a marriage certificate in the mail. If you don’t receive one within about a month, contact your city or town clerk to make sure they received your marriage license.

That’s all it takes! A lot of people ask us how to elope in New York, but it is actually very easy. Some states have stricter requirements, but in NYS, the process is relatively straightforward.

Just to reiterate, make sure you contact your local city or town clerk to be sure all of this information is correct for you specifically.

If you want to elope in New York, feel free to reach out to us! We can help you plan your elopement, photograph it, officiate the ceremony, and sign as witnesses. Check out our photos on Instagram here or send us a message here.

Eshom Proval
Nurse Attorney