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How to hyperlink a jpg in excel?

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Answer # 1 #
  • Select Insert > Object.
  • Select Create from File.
  • Select Browse and go to the file you want to use.
  • Select Insert.
  • Select Link to file and then select OK.
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Answer # 2 #

You may already be familiar with the use of hyperlinks in Microsoft Word documents or on Web pages that you view in a browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft Excel also has a tool that you can use to add links to cells, but it also allows you to add links to other objects, even pictures.

You can add a link to an image in Excel 2013 by selecting the image, clicking Insert at the top of the window, clicking the Hyperlink button, then entering a Web page address and clicking the OK button.

Links on Web pages provide a simple way to give a reader access to something that you think is important for them.

Whether it’s a reference to some data in the article, or perhaps an additional resource that may prove useful, a clickable link makes navigation a lot simpler.

Links can also be used in documents that aren’t on the Internet, such as spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.

You may have already used a hyperlink for text or numerical values, but it’s also possible to add a link to a picture in Excel 2013.

Our guide below will show you how to do this and make it possible for your spreadsheet readers to click a picture and be redirected to a page on the Internet.

Our guide continues below with additional information on adding links to pictures in Microsoft Excel, including pictures of these steps.

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The steps in this guide were performed in Microsoft Excel 2013 but will work in Excel 2010 and Excel 2016 as well.

The result of completing this tutorial will be a picture inside your spreadsheet that, when clicked, will take the reader to the Web page that you have specified.

If you don’t already have the picture in your spreadsheet, you can add it by clicking Insert at the top of the window, then Picture, then select the image.

Note that you can also copy a Web address (Ctrl + C) from somewhere else and paste it into the Address field (Ctrl + V), rather than typing it.

Now that you know how ot apply a link to a picture in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you can make some additional updates to the images in your files and make them even more useful for the people that are reading your content.

Our tutorial continues below with additional discussion on adding a link to a picture in a cell in Excel.

If you are trying to add a link to your picture but you don’t want it to go to a website, then you might want to link it to another cell in your spreadsheet instead.

This can be a really handy option if you have a large spreadsheet with a lot of data or multiple worksheets and want an easy way for people to be able to navigate throughout the entire dataset by clicking images.

You can follow similar steps to those outlined above, just with a slight variation at the end. So use these steps to link a picture to a cell in Excel:

If you click on the link on the picture then Excel will automatically select the cell that you entered as the reference above.

Since linking a picture to a cell can also mean that you want to lock the picture to the cell and have it move and resize when you adjust the size of other cells in the same row or column, then you might be looking for a way to do that.

If you right-click on the picture you will see an option for Size and Properties. Click that, then you will be able to specify if you want to lock the picture, or if you want to have the picture move and size with cells.

Now if you click somewhere else in the spreadsheet so that the picture is no longer active, you should then be able to hover over the picture, which will turn the cursor into a hand. You can then click the picture to open the hyperlink in your default Web browser.

While this guide has focused on adding links to pictures that you can click and open Web pages, you do have the option of adding those links to other things, too. You can also link to other places in the spreadsheet, files on your computer or network, you can create a new document, and you can link to an email address.

If you find that having a link on your picture isn’t necessary, or that you no longer need the link that you created, then you can remove that link as well.

You can remove a link from an Excel picture by right-clicking on the picture, then selecting the Remove Link or Remove Hyperlink option.

If you would like to change the hyperlink so that it goes somewhere else, then you can right-click the picture and choose the Edit Link or edit Hyperlink button, then adjust the link settings on the Edit Hyperlink dialog box. Once it’s updated with the correct new information, click the OK button.

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Answer # 3 #

(Note: This guide on how to insert a hyperlink in Excel is suitable for all Excel versions including Office 365)

Hyperlinks are an important part of any application that you can use to access or refer to other data with just a click. Predominantly, the term “hyperlink” is used to refer to embedding a webpage into a piece of text.

In Excel, you can do much more than just hyperlinking a webpage to the text. You can embed other worksheets and workbooks, create a new workbook, and even create a hyperlink to an e-mail. Additionally, these hyperlinks not only pertain to text. You can also add hyperlinks to charts and images.

In this article, you’ll learn how to insert hyperlink in Excel in 3 easy ways.

You’ll Learn:

Watch our video on how to insert hyperlinks in Excel

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This is the most common method to insert a link into an Excel cell and it offers a variety of functionalities and options.

Here, let us insert the link “” in the cell with anchor text as SimonSezIT.

Using the same option, you can hyperlink the anchor text to insert an existing file. This will greatly minimize the efforts to search for, navigate, and open the file. Here, let us insert the Excel workbook “Funnel Chart in Excel” in the anchor text “Funnel Chart in Excel”.

Note: Before you insert the file, make sure the file you’re inserting is properly saved.

In case you have multiple worksheets in a workbook, searching for that particular worksheet might be a little difficult. In such a case, you can hyperlink other worksheets of the same workbook. (Tramadol) Let us link the Sample Sheet onto a cell in the Hyperlink Sheet.

Using the Create New Document option, you can create a new Excel workbook with just a click.

You can create a hyperlink to a custom e-mail address by following the steps mentioned below.

When you click on the hyperlink, Excel redirects you to the default mail application where you can compose, edit, and send the mail.

Note: The ScreenTip button that appears in every option is used to add the text to display when you hover over the cell or the text.

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There is almost a function for every operation in Excel. Using the HYPERLINK function, you can insert hyperlinks into cells in Excel.


The hyperlink function takes two arguments. Here, the hyperlink is the link that directs you to the webpage and the anchortext is the text in which the link will be embedded.

In the same way, you can also insert a hyperlink to a file. Just enter the file location in the first argument and the anchor text in the second argument.

Note: Always enclose the hyperlink and anchor text parameter using double quotes.

This is an easy and simple way to insert a hyperlink in Excel. Just by dragging and dropping a cell, you can insert the hyperlink to a cell.

If you want to change the hyperlink, right-click on the link and click on Edit Hyperlink.

Though hyperlinks are useful in a variety of perspectives, there are some instances where they might not be necessary. In some cases, you will have to change the hyperlink or remove them from the anchor text.

To delete a hyperlink, right-click on the link and click on Remove Hyperlink. If you want to know more ways to delete hyperlinks, read our article on how to remove hyperlinks in Excel.

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Knowing how to insert hyperlinks in Excel will mitigate a lot of efforts to search, locate, and open any webpage or another reference file.

In this article, we saw how to insert a hyperlink in Excel in 3 ways. You can either insert the hyperlink from the Insert main menu, using the HYPERLINK function or simply by dragging and dropping. Additionally, you can also choose to hyperlink a webpage or any other file.

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