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What are atk buttons?

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In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the ATK symbol is short for using an attack button. An attack button constitutes as any of the three normal attack buttons: light, medium, or heavy. When you see the ATK symbol in a pink circle, it is indicating that any of these three buttons may be used to perform the special move.

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Answer # 2 #

Styles:  Similar to the Capcom game's Stand Button, the Style Button in ASB utilizes unique abilities for each character. There are six unique styles in the game, spread out among the cast.

The game's meter system. Characters can hold a maximum of three bars. Specific actions can use anywhere from three bars of HH to a mere tenth of a bar. HH is built by attacking or being attacked, and some moves can steal HH from an opponent. Manage this wisely!

A dynamic and cinematic super attack that costs one bar of HH. It's performed with a fireball motion + any two attacks. These can be cancelled into from just about anything, including normals, command normals, and specials.

A character's ultimate fabulous attack, overlaying the character models in a manga panel style. Costs two bars of HH. They're performed with a fireball motion + all three attacks. A GHA cannot be cancelled into from a special move, but can be from all normals and some command normals. (With Rotate Cancel GHA's can be linked from Specail moves in certain cases)

Puttsun (プッツン) refers to the sound of a string or chord breaking. Alternatively, it can be used as a manga sound effect referring to someone "snapping". Think of when Josuke gets pissed off when someone makes fun of his hair. Puttsun Cancel lets you cancel any attack to continue into a combo or to stay on the offensive. It's similar to the Roman Cancel from Guilty Gear. Properly performing one will cause the screen to quickly darken while your character strikes a pose and the "puttsun" sound effect appears. It costs one bar of HH. (Example)

Activated when your character's health is low, or as it's shown, in the red. How they affect your character is described below. Each character is assigned just one of these 2 modes. A character entering this mode is granted a short amount of invincibility upon activation.

Rumbling Mode:

Resolve Mode:

Guarding an attack with precise timing causes your character to strike a pose and automatically sidestep the attack. Throughout this animation you are invincible and can capitalize on the opponent's mistakes. Initiating a Stylish Dodge takes 30% of your Guard Gauge, and an extra 10% if you Stylish Move incorrectly (overheads must be guarded standing, and lows must be guarded crouching) so be sure to manage them properly! This action cannot be performed by Iggy in Stand-Off mode or Johnny and Gyro while on Horseback.

ASB has a unique and fabulous taunting system. When you press the Select button, your character does an iconic pose/action. If you taunt while the opponent is knocked down, the game will give your taunt a stylish cinematic zoom-in and decrease your opponent's HH gauge by 10%.

Hazards frequently appear in every stage of ASB. Anything from Stand abilities to natural phenomena to a politician's vehicle. Hazards are activated when a player is knocked down in a zone marked with a large red circle. Once activated, the game warns players of the incoming hazard via narrative on-screen manga panels and clearly marked pathways on the ground. Hazards cannot be blocked, so do your best to MOVE OUTTA THE WAY! These can be disabled in the stage select screen with the Square button. Specific Stage Gimmicks are described in the Stages section.

If you finish a match by beating your opponent with a HHA or GHA in a certain area of a stage, a special cutscene specific to that stage will activate. Specific Situation Finishes are described in the Stages section.

Similar to "Blazing Fist Matches" in the previous Capcom fighter, this sounds to work the same way. When two characters with a "Rush-type" attack face each other, and as these specific moves connect, a Rush Battle is initiated. Moves like Jotaro's Ora Ora and DIO's Muda Muda are this type of move. Mashing on the button causes your character to attack rapidly until the person who attacks the fastest is the victor.

Due to the advent of the last generation emulation projects, RPCS3 makes it so that PC players can finally experience JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle. However, you can only play on Story Mode, Versus Mode, Practice Mode, Option Mode, and Arcade Mode.



No stage hazards, DIO's Mansion or Kira Estate only. Use an Ethernet cable or have a wired connection.



A video series guide by experienced player FreeMeal8WR on the concepts and mechanics of the game in-depth and the problems with the game that had affect it back then and even now.