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What does amdk mean in singapore?

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Answer # 1 #

Credit: u/lee_guan_you, u/celeron787, Source

AMDK blow bubbles: free spirited, simple pleasures, at worst eccentric

Sinkie blow bubble: childish, siao lang, jiak ba bo sai pang

AMDK wear slipper: effortless class, stylish urban wear

Sinkie wear slipper: cheap, no sense of fashion, bad dresser

AMDK stares at girl & starts to flirt: charismatic, friendly, articulate, meaningful conversation

Sinkie stares at girl & start to flirt: hamsup, tiko, potential rapist, trying to see if u zaogeng

AMDK No Action,Talk Only: Tony, have I spoken to u abt pay rise?

Sinkie No Action, Talk Only: u cheebye I pay u to eye power? Last warning.

AMDK carry handbag: gentlemanly, caring, knows how to please women

Sinkie carry handbag: humji, henpecked, spineless

AMDK speaks up: courageous, values human rights, loves free speech

Sinkie speaks up, attention seeking, trying to be funny, potential Amos yee

AMDK ask for help on r/singapore: 69 points, 96% upvoted

sinkie broach uncomfortable truths on racism & inter-racial dating : 1 point, 60% upvoted

Amdk walking barefoot = be one with natural, minimalist, frugal

Sinkie walking barefoot = chao beggar, get away from me, faster siam otherwise confirm ask for money, must be homeless, totally deserve it

Credit: u/rheinl, u/celeron787, u/lordlad, Source

Amdk wearing gym bag = "wow alan! you are so fit, working out at the gym again eh?"

sinkie wearing gym bag = "alamak weixiang... fail ippt again ah? why need to go gym?"

Amdk solve pc issue = the next bill gates, genius, think out of the box. If pc spoil after awhile, good excuse to find handsome amdk again.

Sinkie solve pc issue = nerd, geek, confirm no social life. If pc spoil after awhile, must be this sinkie make spoil de, dunno how to do don't act lah, demand compensation.

AMDK having facial hair: so handsome and manly...look so masculine!!

Me having facial hair: For god's sake, have some personal hygiene will ya? Stop being so lazy about your personal grooming!!

AMDK at 1.75m tall: Height is just right. My type!

Sinkie at 1.75m tall: Sorry, you too short.

AMDK as Engineer at 30: He gonna go far, i can feel it.

Sinkie as engineer at 30: What do you mean you are still an engineer at 30? Most people were already managers at age 25!!

Credit: u/celeron787, u/milkmatchatea, Source

AMDK do lion dance - cultural exchange, fun, adventurous, integrating with local culture

Sinkie do lion dance - chao ah beng, must be gang member, pie kia, full of tattoo

AMDK do cultural exchange - wah, so special, respect local culture sia, so open minded

Sinkie do cultural exchange - jibai check ur privilege, asian values pls, why so basic bitch/bastard, everyday drink starbucks, you think money come from tree

Credit: u/Celeron787, Source

AMDK create logo - innovative, original, designer, creative director, photoshop pro, good anesthetic sense.

Sinkie create logo - so obiang, must be copy from Google image de, use ms paint and do, confirm no design background

Credit: u/20kjinsatki, Source, Context: AMDKs begging for money to fund holiday.

AMDK begging: knows what he wants in life, ambitious, give 100 dollars immediately

Erhu uncle begging: knn so noisy, you got hands and feet go work la, even 10 cents dont want to give

Credits: u/ha1fhuman, u/ahwings, u/SpockySkellintons, u/halfbakery, u/lamekatz, u/pkismeyea, u/wesley8631, u/Quesitasita, u/MistaKid, u/microtek789, u/myrares. Source: this thread.

AMDK quit his job to pursue passions: adventurous, go-getter, brave soul, knows what he wants in life, so inspiring.

Sinkie quit his job to pursue passions: bum, not filial to parents (never give them part of his income), no prospect when grow up, resume gap gets questioned.

AMDK full time soldier - wow so manly, special forces, eye candy tell me your stories

Sinkie full time soldier - confirm outside no future, only know how to lepak in camp and go siam diu

AMDK in No.4 sit on MRT seat: Wah confirm commando special ops mmm so hot and muscular. Training must be soooo tiring. Glad such competent men are serving the nation.

Sinkie in No.4: Knn cb chao recroot sit on my MRT seat I STOMP u then u know ah pubor.

AMDK play Lego: what an interesting hobby, so creative and quirky, hasn't lost his sense of childlike wonder

Sinkie play Lego: waste money, you nothing better to do is it, how old already still play Lego?

AMDK Rides bicycle to work - eco friendly and fit

Sinkie rides bicycle to work - wah no money buy car, sweaty and smelly

Amdk surf reddit: wah so updated, so cool, having an active online social life

Sinkie surf reddit: walao nothing to do huh?, go online shitpost issit?, just to shoot ppl down to let others online see u're a grown up, not active at all in real life, keyboard warrior, post-count warrior

AMDK laugh loudly in Public: Express feelings well, appreciative of jokes, good sense of humour

Sinkie laugh loudly in Public: knn uncultured swine i stomp you la

AMDK sit outdoors at cafe: Enjoying the tropical weather, sunshine boy, wear shades look so cool

Sinkie sit outdoors at cafe: Eh, this guy siao ah, inside got seats want to sit outside, must be super sweaty and smelly

AMDK bald: fashionable, manly, clean and neat

Sinkie bald: knn chao recruit, ORD loh

AMDK selling western food: Wahhh sure authentic, sure got standard!

Sinkie selling western food: Nice meh? Sure or not?

AMDK rides bicycle : Wah so eco friendly! knows how to save money, keep fit, casual and nice toned legs.

Sinkie rides bicycle...CCB SINKIE! road blocker, poor fuck no money for a car, take your fucking ah pek bike and skinny legs and go get ram by a car, loser!

AMDK greets me in the same lift: wah so warm and friendly sia, we should learn from their culture

Sinkie greets me in the same lift: siaolang spotted

AMDK say: "Nee Howl!" Wah! So smart! Chinese so good, so respectful of other culture! Husband material!

Sinkie gets A2 for English: KNN Chow Sinkie! Stupid fuck, must be tiong from tiongland, go fucking ITE lah, you fucking beng.

AMDK smokes: OMG so MANLY, mature and rugged, rebel without a cause, must breath in his second smoke, its like indirect kissing.

Sinkie smokes: So smelly! hope your whole family die of cancer!

Abhay yqjm
Answer # 2 #

and being the millennial that we all are, my first instinct was to google it. and to no surprise, it is indeed a commonly used acronym. for anyone who don’t know about it – it stands for ang moh dua kee which essentially translates to caucasians big shot. it refers to this perceived Western superiority, and alleges that Singaporeans get criticised for seemingly banal things that Caucasians conversely attract praise for. upon googling what this praise could refer to, apparently an example is how when a white person is 1.75m, girls would go “wow that height is just right for me.” but when a singaporean (commonly referred to as “sinkie” in this context) is of the same height, they get criticised for being too short.

this made me so confused…… i was like “huh? REALLY?” because from my experience, if a caucasian was 1.75, i would probably say hmm that’s not very tall… well but not short. but for a singaporean, i would go “hmm pretty okay. average i guess.” and so far the people around me bear the same reaction as well. but according to this phenomenon, that’s not the case?? which piqued my interest and i went on to read the article further.

so the article had a segment which mentioned the perspective of a couple – one caucasian, one singaporean. first i wanted to scream amen and lift my hands in absolute agreement when i read how the sg girl feels that local men are more narrow minded – examples include girls look better w long hair and should know how to cook. on her end, she was deemed unconventional by local men because of the way she looked, her attitude and opinions (namely straightforward which is typically linked to not being demure). therefore, unattractive. okay for this point, AMEN? i don’t know how many would agree to this, and of course NOT ALL sgporean men are the same. but surely, the majority think like this right? at least, I’ve encountered such.

recently, i went drinking w a couple of guy friends, and just like a typical social setting, most of them were “typical” sg guys with kinda the described mindset, and there was just ONE, who was slightly different from them. and there they were, showing me girls they find attractive. and boy oh boy as predicted, i knew exactly what their standards were, and what entailed as “pretty”. just like the girl in the article stated. if you don’t know – basically – long straight hair, small face, average-sized eyes, no specs, pretty defined jawline, face shape leaning towards oval/rect/square but NO CHUBBY PLS, small sharp nose, average sized lips (no thicc lips like kylie pls), no boobs no butt DEFINITELY, long slender legs, relatively tall (i think >1.65m), wears clothes you can easily find at h&m/cotton on, does not wear super heavy makeup, does not wear anything that stands out like statement shoes/bags/accessories

but then, it is true as she mentioned, that not all caucasian men are more open-minded. this trait was definitely not defined by one’s race. it’s one’s upbringing and the influence he/she was exposed to since young. but nevertheless, i guess it’s more common to find shallow-mindedness in locals? but with such complex things like perceptions and opinions, it should not be limited to one’s race.

okay so back to the whole AMDK shebang, i guess the reason why this theory even emerged is because of the insecurity and insensitivity that lies within singaporeans themselves. we ourselves are bolstering this injustice because we simply feel inferior. we let our insecurities render us to fall into wild imaginative and almost paranoid states – and everytime an insecurity pops up, we hallucinate that someone else is imposing that flaw upon us when we are just overthinking that that is actually a striking flaw – example – our height. another example – how many local pmet (also another acronym i learnt today! ha!) feel that caucasians get better positions and approvals because they are deemed more charismatic in their presentations. and this charisma apparently, unlike in the context of a normal human being, in the case of a caucasian (specifically white), it’s purely just because of their ethnicity. “oh this person ang moh what. look like this confirm walk into the room can grab everyone’s attention alr.”

truth to be told, it’s probably because they are just more confident. maybe because of the way they were brought up or how their culture inculcate this sense of confidence in them through self-love and stuff (note: this concept is more westernised than traditionally Asian and only blew up so much on internet because of western influence, or else it would be a foreign concept for us). and because locals lack this, we blame it on them – that they get away w it because of their race.

the bottom line I’m trying to get at is – wow our society seems to be real problematic, and there are so many unspoken issues, issues we don’t feel is one because we are not aware of it. but if dug up, we would admit it’s a subject of concern. so…… i just wish we would take a little time out of our day to day drill of – “study, socialise, eat, sleep, repeat, etc” and our personal shallow goals like “i need to finish up xxx assignment” “i need to hang out w xxx friends to maintain that rs” “i need to hang out w xxx friends or I’ll feel lonely” “i need to impress xxx for whatever reason” “i need to excel in my xxx (eg: cca like dance, sing, act, sports etc) to gain the recognition of xxx” – think of how you could create an impact in whatever area you’re passionate about that has issues. eg- if you’re passionate about dance, could it be possible that in the dance community, there is silent discrimination towards plus sized people? could it be that only people of a certain look or standard flock together, and some are outcasted? if you feel for this problem, act on it within your power!


Juelz Hallam
Answer # 3 #

Unfamiliar with the term? 'AMDK' stands for 'ang moh dua kee,' which roughly translates to 'White people big shot. ' It refers to perceived Western superiority, and alleges that Singaporeans get criticised for seemingly banal things that Caucasians conversely attract praise for.

Genesis Warrenton