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What is apex in nails?

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The concept is used to name the tip of a fruit or leaf. This idea is linked to the idea of distal, which states that there is a sector in the opposite sector to the base. It is possible to distinguish between organic and geometric apexes.

The tip of the leaves can be a sign that something is wrong with the plant.

Following its meaning for botany, when the tips of the needles die (the leaves of conifers and also the spine of certain species of rose bushes) or of the margins and the apices of the leaves, a phenomenon known as With the name of apical death, it is frequent that the causes are unfavorable climatic conditions, failures in the functioning of the roots due to poor cultivation or contact with toxic chemical products.

Chemical contaminants in the soil can cause top burn. The severity of this phenomenon is very high, since it affects all contemporary needles.

Sujoy Kittu