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will dokev be on steam?

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We caught a glimpse during the GamesCom Opening Night Live 2021 showcase, where the developers gave us a closer look at DokeV and revealed more details. We haven't heard much from Pearl Abyss since then, but just recently DokeV was seemingly delayed until at least 2024. Still, with its own unique, anthropomorphized animal creatures drawing inspiration from Korean folklore, DokeV is one of the most interesting new releases on our radar

If you're keen to learn more, you've come to the right place. Below, we've gathered together everything we know so far about DokeV, including the current release date window, known gameplay features, combat mechanics, and more.

There's no exact DokeV release date just yet, but Pearl Abyss recently confirmed the game won't make its targeted 2023 release window. DokeV is currently set to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. We don't yet know if it will be coming to both current and last-gen platforms, but there's also the possibility that we'll see it arrive on PS4 and Xbox One, too.

When DokeV was originally revealed back in 2019, it was marketed as an MMO. After the trailer launched during Opening Night Live, Pearl Abyss confirmed (opens in new tab) that the game is now officially an open-world action-adventure, suggesting that the game went in a different direction at some point during development.

In this expansive, eye-catching world, lead producer Sangyoung Kim explained in an interview for the Future Game Show that Pearl Abyss wanted to create a world that feels familiar and similar to reality, that includes aspects of Korean culture. "Rather than making everything feel new, we wanted to make it feel familiar," Kim said. "And instead of feeling like you're playing in a virtual world, we wanted to give the feeling that the world is similar to reality. We're also trying to add lots of metaverse elements as well as many aspects of Korean culture into DokeV and are currently contemplating and planning how these elements can be added in various parts of the game."

Creature collecting plays a big part in the gameplay and story of DokeV. As we've seen in the recent trailers and footage during the recent showcases, there are many different kinds of creatures inhabiting the world, from big robotic-looking animals to anthropomorphized dogs and alarm clocks. These cute creatures are known as Dokebi, and they are said to be "spirit-like entities that appear in traditional Korean folktales" and gain powers from people's dreams.

"People have many dreams and the Dokebi ponder about how to make them come true," Kim explained. "They inspire courage and sometimes unintentionally cause trouble, but they are fun friends to have."

The Dokebi do sound quite magical and as you make your way through the adventure, you'll find and be able to collect more and more of them. As Kim goes on to highlight during the Future Games Show, special events for Dokebi can appear when you fulfil specific requirements and there will also be unique storylines to play through in order to collect them. It definitely sounds very intriguing.

We don't have too many specific details on the story of DokeV, but as mentioned previously, we do know that creature collecting is at the heart of it. While the adventure revolves around Dokebi, it will also see you set out on a variety of adventures in the world, where you'll meet lots of different NPCs who have their own stories to tell. Along the way, you'll be able to help them with their problems and learn more about them.

With lots of freedom in the open-world setting, one of the most exciting things shown in the recent gameplay footage was undoubtedly the many ways you can explore in DokeV. From a tiny little car to riding on the back of a Llama, there seems to be no shortage of fun ways to get around. But, as game designer Changkee Nam explains, there will be challenges to complete in order to get your hands on the "many different methods of transportation".

"It's not just the number of things you can ride; we're also making the challenge of acquiring them very fun," Nam said, "and the sense of accomplishment from getting it really worthwhile and satisfying."

Outside of creature collecting and exploring in style, DokeV will also include different mini-games and quests, along with combat. There are also said to be some elements of customization, such as being able to choose your character's outfit. We still don't know too much about the different quests and mini-games you get stuck into, but Pearl Abyss said during the Future Games Show that there's a "wide variety of gameplay", so it'll be exciting to see more of what's in store.

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