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When can withdraw asb?

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Answer # 1 #

(Apa itu ASB Financing? Apasal buat ASB Financing? Bagaimana diorang buat ASB Financing? )

Or even when you have more advanced questions like:

(Cam mana kira ASB Financing dapat untung 6 angka? ASB loan mana paling best? Pinjaman ASB berbaloi atau tidak)

Then you’ve come to the right page.

Because this ASB Financing Guide is evergreen relevant in 2019, 2020 and beyond, whether you are taking ASB loan 30k, 50k, 100k or 200k.

Furthermore, if you scroll way below, you will also see a real example of an ASB account making 6 figures in net profit (keuntungan pelaburan 6 angka, caya la, jangan main main)

In short, this is your ultimate ASB financing game plan.

The What, Why and How of ASB Financing loan is explained in detail below. Just watch the video lesson below (boleh buat kiraan sendiri).

A thorough ASB financing review, so to speak.

ASB loans are basic term loans, and interest charged on ASB loans is calculated using the reducing balance method (similar to those used by Housing Loans and Fixed Deposits). Most ASB loans today use floating interest rates, so interest rates will change according to Base Rate.

It is basically borrowing an initial capital from banks to invest into Amanah Saham Bumiputera, then use the returns generated to pay down the bank borrowings while keeping the balance.

Much like mortgage insurances, customers can optionally choose to cover their ASB loans with insurance / Takaful that is financed by the banks

You can do it online via your online banking with any bank that offers ASB loans – both conventional or Islamic.

Unbelievably easy. You just need to be:

Submission needs a photocopy of Identity Card (I/C) & proof of income (you must be able to afford the monthly repayments of your ASB loan la)




Useful Supporting documents for ASB loan application:

Ever since Aug 2020, any ASB investor can do online withdrawal of ASNB units via the myASNB portal and myASNB mobile app (available on Google Play and App Store). Some pointers you want to know:

Steps to perform an online withdrawal of ASNB units

A: Here’s an ASB Financing calculator aka ASB Loan surrender calculator.

Note: Comment below ‘I want it’ to get a RM 30 off discount code (we will email to you so make sure you comment using your real email)

A: Check with your bank directly

A: The one that offers the lowest effective ASB Financing rate. Any ASB loan with the lowest interest rate will make you earn your 6 figure return faster in no time.

A: Here you go

A: Here you go

A: Click here

A: Yes, you can also get it from Affin Bank, Am Bank, Alliance Bank, Bank Muamalat, Hong Leong Bank and BSN. Seems like Public Bank and Bank Islam do not offer any ASB loan, but it may change from time to time. Always check the latest update over here

A: Use the ASB financing comparison table below (for illustration only) untuk ambik asb financing loan terbaik/paling bagus. This will help you decide which ASB loan is worth it by virtue of which bank is the best.

Briefly, you should always choose an ASB loan with the lowest interest rate and lock-in period, always.

A: Check updated details here versus here

A: You want to watch the video above, then if you need a done-for-you ASB Financial Calculator, complete with the ASB Loan schedule (aka ASB financing schedule or table, ‘jadual pinjaman ASB’), click on the button below.

A: You can watch this great explanation to understand more.

A: You can solve this in a creative way, watch this to know how some people are getting around this issue.

A: Let me explain why this is NOT an apple to apple comparison although ASB is actually unit trust. Firstly, ASB has never gone into negative return territory, like ever while any retail unit trust can swing to a loss.

However, ASB profit (return) is somehow ‘capped’ between 5% to 8% per year (high consistency, low risk with high ASB dividend returns and provides additional bonuses to the investors), while equity unit trust can give double-digit investment returns. Secondly, you start with zero capital and on top of that, uses leverage (banks lend money to you) when you use ASB financing to invest in Amanah Saham, so rightfully, ASB returns will be better & more consistent versus investing in a normal unit trust without borrowing any money as initial investment capital.

A: Refer to answer for – ‘Q: ASB loan vs unit trust – which one better?’

A: Refer to the video below to understand ASB Loan vs Personal Saving

You will also be able to learn how to estimate your ASB loan or financing surrender value or how to do ASB financing rolling.

A: Still refer to the video above for a detailed explanation.

A: Benda yang sama je. Terms often using interchangeably.

*ASB (pelaburan ASB, ASB investment)can refers to Amanah Saham Bumiputera 1 or 2, both by Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB)

Extra resource:

ASB Financing Lowyat

Begini Caranya Untuk Suami Isteri Jana RM113,000 Dalam Masa 5 Tahun Dengan ASB Loan

Gauahar Rakesh
Answer # 2 #

1. First, you’ll need to make sure that your phone number with ASNB has been updated to register as an ASNB portal user. To do this, you can visit any  ASNB Branches or Agents (Maybank, Maybank Islamic, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Pos Malaysia, Affin Bank, Bank Simpanan Nasional, Alliance Bank, AmBank and AmBank Islamic). This is to ensure the details are valid and accurate; not suka-suka. You CAN’T do this online because the officer will need to verify your IC (MyKad) before any data can be updated.

2. Once that is sorted out, you can now register as an ASNB portal user. How to do it? Check out this short tutorial vid by ASNB below.

Besides online withdrawal, you can get instant access to your investment portfolio information, view MyASNB transaction records and account statements, as well as make additional ASNB investments.

Vishwas vpxj
Answer # 3 #
  • Ensure your active phone number is registered correctly within ASNB online portal.
  • Otherwise, you can skip #1.
  • Any active ASNB user can do online withdrawal.
Edd Rhymer
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Answer # 4 #

You can withdraw from your ASB Investment Funds account at any time by completing a withdrawal form.

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