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How to do kumbhaka pranayama?

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Answer # 1 #

Kumbhaka pranayama is one of the traditional pranayama's breathing exercises of Hatha yoga. Kumbhaka (kuhm-BAH-kah) is Sanskrit word that means pot. This is not just any pot but the human torso as seen as a pot with two interiors (one at the throat and the other at the base of the pelvis).

It is practiced in two types: antara and bahya. Antara (ahn-TAH-rah) is Sanskrit for interior while bahya (BAH-yah) is Sanskrit for outer. These two retention techniques are therefore practiced on the inhale and exhale respectively. In this tutorial we focus on Antara (the pause between the in and out breath).

Kumbhaka is practiced at first in a 1-1-2 ratio so whatever you're inhaling is for, you hold your breath for the same amount and exhale is the double amount. When you become comfortable in stage two the ratio becomes 1-2-2, then 1-3-2 and final step 1-4-2 so if your inhale is for 10 you hold for 40 and exhale for 20.

Bahya Kumbhaka – this is external retention. To practice this, take a deep breath, to the count of five. Now exhale deeply but slowly also to the count of five. Hold your breath when you are done exhaling. You should also hold the breath for the same duration as inhalation and exhalation. Endeavor to make the three steps all be the same duration.

The three major bandhas Mula bandha, Uddiyana bandha, and Jalandhara bandha particularly used here in the Kumbhaka practice when holding the breath. As a beginner practice, only Jalandhara bandha until you master the technique.

Before attempting Kumbhaka a regular practice of other pranayama exercises is recommended such as:

Akhilesh Dil
Answer # 2 #

Make a short exhalation and then start inhaling – slowly and rhythmically in one long and unbroken inspiration. Continue inhaling until a sense of fullness is experienced in the chest. Retain the inhaled air for a period of 10 seconds (preferably double the period of inspiration).

Shraddha Naik
Answer # 3 #
  • Start by sitting in a comfortable meditation posture. You can do the Sukhasana (easy pose) for instance.
  • Start by doing simple natural breathing.
  • Antara Kumbhaka – this is internal retention.
  • Release hand and lift head, exhale normally through both nostrils.
  • Repeat cycle for 10 - 15 minutes.
Ryan bnasfekq